Thoughts on Writing With Author Natalie Bymaster

author Natalie Bymaster

My love of writing began when I was a teenager.  I wrote out my teenage experiences in a special, purple journal.  I would go to high school and then write about it in my purple journal each night before I went to bed.  That is how it all started for me. 

My interest in writing really blossomed during my junior and senior years.  I started reading classic novels.  I loved to read and analyze literature.  I quickly learned that I could use the same literary techniques and symbolism in my own writing.   This drew out new dimensions to my work.  My English teacher really challenged me to improve my writing even more.  My love for writing grew and grew. 

My mother was a huge help in developing my writing skills as well.  She proofread my writing assignments in high school and college. (Thanks Mom!)  She coached me to improve my technical writing skills.  She also helped me to think more deeply about topics, adding a well-organized thoughtfulness into my presentations.  My mother taught me how to communicate clearly through her thoughtful guidance.

My husband, John, really encouraged me to write.  He could see my writing talent when I worked at his law office.  I would write simple legal documents, but he could see that there was something special there.  He really helped me in the process of writing my first book– From the Cliff to the Cure.

I find that writing is therapeutic.  I can let my ideas, opinions, emotions, and creativity flow in my writing.  I’m a little bit of an introvert, but I have a strong personality.  I find that writing gives me the space I need to let out my opinion in a bold way.  It gives me the freedom to express myself without interruption. 

Writing allows me to influence more people than I can do on a one-on-one basis in person.  It also can help people both now and in years to come. I have found that books are so very important to our society.  In our Breaking Captives Free Ministry, most of our disciples read my book.  It certainly isn’t a requirement, but most of them chose to read it.  The book has proved to be a valuable tool in our service to Christ.  The people we are discipling can glean much of my personal background experience and knowledge just by reading the book.  They would have to spend hundreds of hours with me to learn all the stuff that is included in my book.  By reading my book, they can learn it all in a few reading sessions.  It greatly accelerates the process of growth.    

Writing is one of those things that I enjoy so much that time passes without me noticing.  Sometimes it’s hard to get started, but once I get into the flow, I can write for hours.