Faith in Action

Help with Faith in Action

For many, identifying the lies that a person with mental illness believes is the first step to the cure.  The next step is faith in action.  Taking action in order to overcome those lies can be difficult and intimidating, but it is extremely important. 

In my life, I found that there must always be action.  Inaction was the biggest indicator that my new faith in God’s truth in an area was weak or even non-existent.   I quickly realized that when I exercised my faith, that my faith got stronger and stronger.  Here are five tips to boldly taking action based on faith.

Set Your Goal on What You Must Overcome

In my life, I was afraid to be around groups of women.  In my past, I had been bullied by groups of young women.  I realized that I believed the lie that groups of women would hurt me.  I set a goal to overcome that.  My goal was to join a group of women and become friends with them.  My goal was to love those women and serve them as the Bible commands.

Make A Plan

Making a specific plan is important.  It will help you stay on course when things get tough.  My plan for the goal above was to attend all the women’s ministry events.  My goal eventually expanded into teaching at the events.

Pray, Pray, and Pray

In times when I am taking action through faith, my prayer life is abundant.  My relationship with God is intimate.  I tell the Lord when I am afraid and ask him for help all along the way.

Study the Truth

Studying the Truth is imperative.  Digging into God’s Word on a daily basis can help your mind be renewed.  I also wrote out important verses on note cards that would replace the lie I believed with the truth.  For example, when I afraid to be around women, but committed to attending a women’s event, I would either recite a Bible verse to myself of pull out a notecard with a helpful verse written on it.  In this instance I remembered 2 Timothy 1:7 which says, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

Get Other Christians Involved in Your Goal

Christian fellowship and support can be extremely helpful when you are taking action.  Other Christians can pray for you and hold you accountable to your goal.  I know in my life, the prayer and love I have received from others was amazing.  It also helped me build long-lasting friendships.  I also support them with their truth-based goals.    

Taking Action in faith can be intimidating.  However, when you trust the Lord and act on his truths, the rewards are life-changing.  The Lord changed my life.  He can change your life too.