Pills - Being a woman can make you a greater target in the psych drug industry

I would answer that question with an emphatic YES. In my opinion, being a woman does make you a greater target within the psych drug industry.  Let me explain. 

You see, pharmaceutical companies set up doctors (whether they realize it or not) to prey on women.  These big pharm companies understand very well that women encounter emotional weakness in ways that men rarely face.  These companies know the dynamic well.   First, the woman is “sad” or feeling uneasy; she goes to the doctor.   The answer is simple and women are quickly hooked into the trap: psych drugs.  Through the marketing and influence of pharmaceutical companies, Doctors offering psych drugs or anti-depressants has almost become the “norm” when doctors encounter such very common situations.

But, the dynamic and “web” that psych drug companies employ against women does not stop there . . .

One experience comes to mind in my life.  The experience happened after I became a Christian.  I was off all the psych drugs, anti-depressants, and sleeping medications that I used to take.  I went to a women’s doctor for an annual exam.  I was asked to complete the new patient paperwork.   Behind all the paperwork, I was given a survey asking me to rank how you feel.  The paper was probably a quarter the size of a normal piece of paper.  After I was a Christian and off all the prescription drugs, I was very well aware how of women are targeted in places like that.   This was just another common avenue to the same destination.

I remember that I filled out all the paperwork, and then I closely examined the small,  attached survey.  Every question was designed to pull you into the psych drug system.  The industry hoped to identify that you were feeling “down” to allow psych drugs to be offered.  It did not matter if you were having a bad day or a bad week.  It did not matter if you were going through personal problems that needed to be resolved.  The destination would likely always be the same: you should start taking psych drugs.  I opted not to complete the survey.  I left it blank, because I didn’t want to be apart of that. 

When I returned the papers, the medical assistant reviewed my paper work.  She called me over to tell me that I must have missed the last page.  I told her that I didn’t miss it. I read over it.  I told her that I didn’t want to complete it.

Are There Any Other Ways Pharmaceuticals Recruit Women?

Yes.  If you page through magazines that are marketed toward women, they are chocked full of anti-depressant advertisements.  The advertisements are very emotionally-based and feelings-oriented.  The same is probably true for TV commercials that are popular among women.  The examples of such targeting are almost limitless.  They permeate all aspects of our modern culture.

Are Women Also Targeted for Psych Drugs After Pregnancy?

Yes. I have friends that tell me what they encountered when they went to the doctor before and after they have had their baby.  They reveal that they were constantly asked how they are feeling.  If they are sad or feeling down, it is common for the doctor to offer them an anti-depressant.  I had some friends that took them up on that offer.  Some are still taking psych drugs to this day, even several years after the pregnancy. 

My concern is simple: how many more psych drugs will they receive if they return to the doctor in the future if they happen to still be depressed or having life problems?  I understand that having a new baby can be stressful and difficult on a new mother.  In fact, it can be the most emotional experience a woman may encounter during her entire life.  Still, is the regular use of psych drugs necessary or advisable for dealing with emotions or life difficulties associated with child birth?  

I don’t think that taking an anti-depressant or a psych drug will actually benefit most of these women in the long run.  It may dull their feelings and make them feel different for a while.  And with that, it will also likely impede them from properly addressing their emotions and life problems – just as it did for me in my old life.        

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