“Mental Illness” a Misnomer?  How Can That Be?

Yes, I can say it from personal experience: “mental illness” is a misnomer.  The term is horribly misleading!

Mental illness is a misnomer - Bipolar disorderBy using the term “mental illness,” it implies that a physical problem exists in the physical mind and the body.  By using the term mental illness, many people are misled into believing that they have a physical problem.  This leads them into a lifetime of prescription psych drug use.  Almost all are convinced that they will probably live a less than normal life because of their mental illness.    

Mental illness is usually not a physical problem at all.  Instead of being a physical problem, I believe that most “mental illnesses” are problems with the soul.  Although I do not support the mental illness paradigm, I still use the term mental illness on this website and throughout the book due to the lack of a commonly used, modern equivalent.

The good news is that the Bible declares itself to be the undisputed authority on non-physical matters, such as on the soul.  In my book, you will find how I applied the Bible’s teachings to heal my soul problems.  They were problems within my thinking, habits, will, and emotions – all of these are very non-physical in nature!

Did You Always Believe, Natalie, That Mental Illness Was Mostly Non-Physical in Nature?

No, I did not.   I was absolutely convinced that mental illness was a physical, non-correctable deficiency.  I was once fooled by the principles of Psychology.  Before I became a Christian, Psychology was my religion.  I regularly attended weekly appointments with a psychologist, took a daily psych drug cocktail, and even advocated for Psychology.   It was my one hope and my life-line.  Psychology was the only way in which I could continue with my life.  

What Changed Your Mind?

My new Christian friends started talking about Psychology.  They made me really think about whether it was actually helping me. At first, I was shocked, even offended at the idea that modern Psychology could be so misdirected.    Then, I started studying the Bible.  I quickly learned that my problems were soul problems – problems with my heart, mind, and will.  Eventually, the Lord healed and led me into truth.  With this new knowledge and God’s grace, I was 100% cured and set free.

Where Can I Find Out More?

You can read all about this topic in my book called, “From a Cliff to the Cure – How Christians Can Boldly Overcome Mental Illness.”