Coming Soon – But First a Q&A with Natalie Bymaster

From the Cliff to the Cure:  How Christians Can Boldly Overcome the Lies of Mental Illness is coming soon!  I have been writing, revising, and revising again. Now it is almost time to launch the book!

Cover of From the Cliff to the Cure - How Christians Can Boldly Overcome the Lies of Mental Illness

What is the Book About?

This book is the true story of my life – how God supernaturally saved me at the edge of death and delivered me from my former life-destroying diagnosis of mental illness.

Part One of the book documents the story of my life.   It sheds light on what is an otherwise a very dark topic: how mental illness actually builds up within a person’s life.   It also allows the reader to experience the descent into the machine of the modern Psychology system, complete with the experience of professional visits, psych-drug cocktails, and forced-stays at mental hospitals.

Part Two of the book documents how God completely delivered me from the destructive nature of my condition.  Even after I believed in Christ and was wholeheartedly committed, invisible lies, sins, and loops of darkened thinking constantly plagued my daily life.  God eventually taught me many lessons that helped me renew my mind and live a life based on faith and truth.   I am now very thankful to say that I am “100% cured” and have not taken psych medications for almost 7 years.

Why Did You Write This Book?

The Lord put it on my heart several years ago to write the book. I was just waiting for his timing to actually pen it.  As the book came together, I was amazed how God guided me through the process.

My biggest motivator for writing the book was rooted in my own experience: I was unable to find a book like this to help me when I was struggling as a new Christian.    There were tons of books on Psychology that were written with the intent to help people struggling with mental illness.  The Lord led me to reject Psychology early in my faith after I first believed.  I had known that my past psychologist and psychiatrist only had good intentions, but their efforts never helped.

What Makes This Book Different?

I was looking for books to help me break down the Bible’s teachings to apply them to real life.  I looked for such a book – one especially that focuses on people formerly labeled with “mental illness” – but that book just wasn’t out there!  Many wonderful Christian books warned about the pitfalls within the contrary belief system of Psychology.  Yet, I already knew very well that Psychology would not help me!  What I needed instead was real life biblical application and understanding!

What then, ultimately makes this book different than other Christian books on the subject?  This book focuses entirely on real-life examples and real-life application.

What Was the Most Difficult Part to Write?

Most people would probably expect me to say that my teenage years were the most difficult to write.  Others would think it would be my brush with death or the mental hospital escape.  The most difficult part to write, however, was the trash bag scene.  I think I finally realized what that part of my life represented at that very moment, the moment that I was writing out what actually happened to me there.  I don’t want to ruin that part for my readers, so we can discuss this further once the book is released.

When Will the Book Be Released?

If all goes as planned, the book will be released mid to late January.

How Can I Purchase the Book?

From the Cliff to the Cure: How Christians Can Boldly Overcome the Lies of Mental Illness will be available on Amazon as an e-book and print version.  I will add the links to the website soon!