From the Cliff to the Cure: How Christians Can Boldly Overcome the Lies of Mental Illness

Author Natalie Bymaster

At the very edge of Death . . . Christ boldly led Natalie to a Transformed Life!

Formerly diagnosed with bipolar, social anxiety disorder, and depression, Natalie quickly found herself becoming a devoted advocate and speaker for psychology.  The principles of psychology were her lifeline which she was glad to share – until her drug cocktail of psych meds let her down.  She descended into the depths of psychology’s system until the night that God miraculously intervened to stop her from taking her own life at the cliff of destruction.   

This book shows how God can boldly transform a believer’s life by overcoming the subtle and hidden lies of mental illness.      

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This is an impactful story of a gracious and divine homecoming! Natalie’s openness and bravery in sharing her story will no doubt impact anyone else who’s experienced similar struggles. She’s a living testimony of what one can do when freed from the chains of their mind.

Anna C.

This story is powerful. Her story helped me realize that mental illness can be a downward spiral out of reality and out of truth. Maybe this book can help people with mental illness quite a bit! But, it’s all just a riveting read that I would recommend to anyone!

Paul R.

Thank you so much for this book.  It is truly the Holy Spirit working through Natalie.  I believe God’s timing is perfect and this book has come at just the right time.  I can relate to most everything written in this book: believing lies about how I am unloved, worthless, and I have no purpose.  This book is bold, encouraging and yet loving.  This book has touched my heart and mind.

Dawn G.

Christian Author Confronts Lies of Mental Illness 


From the Cliff to the Cure is the riveting first-hand account of author Natalie Bymaster being driven to the brink of suicide by the destructive lies of mental illness.  The book documents the many-faceted lies that people diagnosed with “mental illness” commonly believe.  It takes you into the hidden world of mental illness, a world that most Christians do not understand and feel ill-equipped to approach.  

From Natalie’s former life you will experience firsthand the effects of her eight-psych-drug cocktail, the interaction with her psychology professionals, and the stays and attempted escape at the mental hospitals.   The thrilling account of her former life also documents the many lies that she formerly believed that were associated with her mental illness.  This will give you a unique, first-hand account of how mental illness builds.  It will reveal that most people’s mental illness has a simple root: a life that diverges from reality and truth. 

The book quickly develops into a wild, enjoyable read.  But, beyond that, the book is also an important eye-opener and powerful resource for Christians who desire to minister to those labeled with “mental illness.”